Does my baby need a dark room to sleep?

Having a dark room is a recommendation to achieving the best results and most success for self-settling, lengthening naps and overall great sleep. However, if your child already sleeps well in a light room, then don’t change it! If it’s not broken - don’t fix it!

The absence of light sends a critical signal to a child’s body that it is time to rest. Absence of light also triggers the sleepy hormone melatonin, so darkness is essential. If you can read a book in your child’s room once the blinds are drawn, then it is too light

Once your child gets more experience and practice falling asleep, linking sleep cycles and staying asleep for longer periods of time, having a dark room won’t be so essential.

As your child develops and grows, so will their sleeping skills! Sleeping will become second nature and your child will be capable of sleeping anywhere, anytime regardless of if the room is dark or not

Below is an example of a dark room using my sons room

door is closed
door is closed

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