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Meet Chantal

My name is Chantal and I am the owner of Baby Sleep Magic, as well as the mum of two boys!

My journey into the sleep consulting world began due to my own personal experience after my first son was born in 2012. Whilst I was pregnant, I found there to be so much information, advice and support out there for mums to be, from birthing plans, antenatal classes, endless amounts of books etc, the list goes on.

However once Noah was born, I was sent home with only the necessary follow up and weigh in appointments which only lasted a few weeks. From then on I was on my own, I found the first few weeks to be relatively straight forward, apart from the restless day here and there, I managed quite well.

"I really struggled with the sleep deprivation and lack of knowledge"

Then came 3 months and so did the cat naps day and night. At this stage I really struggled with the sleep deprivation and lack of knowledge. I lost all my confidence and had no idea what I was doing from one day to the next. I had this baby that didn’t sleep and cried all the time. I tried calling the hotlines, visited GPs, pharmacists, naturopaths, lactation consultants, I googled everything, you name it I tried it.

It was at this point I began my own journey into the world of infant sleep, i successfully obtained my Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant Diploma and then continued to study every aspect on baby and toddler sleep that was available. What I learnt changed my parenting experience forever. I then put all this knowledge into practice with my second son with great success!

After my newfound confidence and knowledge, I just wanted to help anyone who would listen, this included friends, neighbours, playgroup mums, kindy mums, anyone with a baby really! After successfully helping my friends and friends of friends, it was at this point I founded Baby Sleep Magic. After thousands of sucessfull in-home consultations and workshops locally, along with virtual online consultations around the world, I knew it was time to reach out to parents globally, so thats why we went on the journey to create The Baby Sleep Magic App.

Inside the app you will have access to all of my knowledge and advice that i have learnt whilst succesfully carrying out thousands of one-on-one consultations, all this information is compressed into easy to follow evidence based packages that will provide you with all the necessary skills, knowledge & confidence you need to improve your child’s sleeping habits. Since the very begining of my journey helping parents has truely become my passion!

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