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Achieve peaceful, consistent nights of sleep using our gentle and holistic, cry free approach.

For newborn babies to 4 years of age


Download Baby Sleep Magic© app:

Reclaim peaceful nights for your family

Improve your baby’s sleep in a matter of days

Achieve great naps and a consolidated 10-12 hours overnight

Less crying and less stress with our holistic cry-free approach

Download Baby Sleep Magic© app:

Solutions for all your baby sleep challenges:

Reduce Night Wakings

Improve your babies sleep with less crying and less stress

Eliminate Sleep Props

Night Weaning

Early Rising

How to Handle Setbacks, in time of teething, leaps, sickness and travel

Bedtime Battles

Teach your baby how to fall asleep independently


expert advice at your finger tips

Join 5000+ families in using our proven techniques to achieve healthy sleeping habits for babies and toddlers

Flexible Schedules and guides
Breastfeeding Friendly
Evidence Based
Suitable for Co-Sleeping Parents
Cry-Free Approach
Gentle & Holistic Approach
Understand Your Parenting Style

Inside the Baby Sleep Magic App you will also discover...

Video & tutorials that replicate a virtual consultation
A community forum where you can get all your questions answered
Free sleeping & feeding tracker (coming soon)
Add additional siblings at no extra cost
Favourites feature - save stuff so you can find it later
100+ additional tips, advice, & solutions for everyday situations
Age-specific sleep guides
11 alternative sleep & settling methods
Printable reward charts
Nutritional advice relevant for your child's age

Download Baby Sleep Magic© app:

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Setting you up for success

Your Virtual Consultation

Let me to guide you step by step through 7 easy-to-watch videos that lay out the key fundamentals to achieving healthy sleep habits. This is where you can help you improve your child’s sleep using a holistic cry-free approach.

The virtual consultation will teach you how to achieve great naps & a consolidated 10-12 hours overnight! I’ll help you reduce night wakings, set up realistic routines and improve your baby’s sleep in a matter of days!

Other topics covered

  • Frequent night wakings & feedings
  • Short naps
  • Navigate through the 4 month regression
  • Eliminate sleep props
  • How to successfully and gently night wean
  • Tactics for early rising
  • Solutions for busy lifestyle & napping in the go
  • Resettling and linking sleep cycles
  • Nap transitions
  • Day care transitions
  • Dummy dependance
  • Introduction of the bottle
  • Tips on transitioning from bassinet to a cot

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Bonus Content: Nutrition

Nutrition guidance from a Mum of Two & Accredited Practising Dietitian

As a Mum of two, Jacqueline understands the challenges that families face and is driven to support parents to create a healthy next generation.

Jacqueline has created example menus of what your child can eat using practical and realistic meals, this includes portion sizes along with recipes and detailed information relevant for your child's age.

When, how and what to offer when introducing solids.

Videos and tutorials on food preparation, recipes and advice on everything you need to know when it comes to your childs food

A 21-day easy to follow Introduction to solids guide.

Advice and recipes for constipation.

Example recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

When to introduce Morning and Afternoon tea and what to offer.

Learn when and how to reduce daytime milk feeds.

When & how to introduce allergen foods.


Your Baby's Sleep Routine App

Created & Endorsed by Qualified Professionals

As a dedicated baby sleep consultant, I am driven by the belief that a well-rested family is a happy family. My journey in the realm of infant sleep began with my own personal experience and a genuine desire to empower parents, guiding them through the intricacies of establishing consistent sleep routines for their precious bundles of joy.

I understand the challenges that parents face when it comes to their baby's sleep, and I am committed to providing personalised, compassionate support to help families achieve peaceful nights and well-rested days.

With a wealth of knowledge and a heart full of empathy, I am here to accompany you on your unique sleep journey, ensuring that both you and your little one experience the restful nights you deserve.

Sleep is a necessity not a luxury

Allow me to guide you through every step of your parenting journey! Whether you're dealing with frequent night wakings, catnapping, struggles with settling, bedtime battles, or simply seeking guidance to establish healthy sleep habits early on, The Baby Sleep Magic App will have you feeling empowered & confident when it comes to managing your little ones sleep.

Discover the difference

Evidence based

Approved and used by Medical Professionals. Chantal is a trusted referral source for paediatricians, midwives, child health nurses, GPs, and psychologists. The Baby Sleep Magic App provides parents with evidence-based research, essential skills, knowledge, and confidence required to improve your child's sleep.

Flexible Approach & Easy-to-Follow

We pride ourselves on offering you flexible routines - Not ridged schedules! Allow me to guide you through everything you need to know to by using simple, practical and realistic tips to confidently manage sleep, so you can empower yourself to make positive changes to your child's sleep & enjoy the parenting journey!

See what our families have to say!

Rachel Sharpe

The Baby Sleep Magic app is extremely helpful to refer to if I have any questions at all as there is an abundance of useful information. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, all you need to do is simply type your question in the Community tab and you’ll receive an answer in no time. And the age-appropriate recipes are amazing with so many food ideas and so much variety.

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Aleisha Becker

5 STAR, so easy to use, great useful information. This app is the best! I’ve waited so long for something like this. So much useful hands on information. There’s nothing else out there like it. All the things I’ve been trying to research on my bubs sleep, food, wake times ect are all here. I love the layout. So easy to follow and implement, and I don’t feel alone. Love the options to read or listen to the audio. Thank you!!!.

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Misty Jade

Amazing!!, What an amazing resource! Chantal and her team have done a fantastic job in creating an abundance of quality resources! This app has it all - meal plans, recipes, tips and tricks, support, video and audio references, and tailored programs dependent on your child’s age. I cannot recommend this app enough. It has been a lifesaver for our family and worth every cent!.

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