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- Your consultation can be carried out via Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Teams, Zoom or by Mobile phone
- Please allow approximately 1 hour for the consultation.

Our Values & Philosophies

Gentle & Holistic Approach

We take the stress out of parenting, our gentle holistic approach ensures that you are covered every step of the way

Established in 2015

Our comprehensive advice and methods have been compliled using knowledge from over 1,000 successful personalised consultations.

Qualified Professionals

Expert advice and support provided by a fully qualified IACSC Sleep Specialist and Accredited Practising Dietitian, both mothers of two children !!

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We have Successfully helped thousands of parents change the way their families sleep

Chantal has successfully helped thousands of families sleep through the night since first launching in 2015. Over this time, she has experienced many different scenarios. what you are currently experiencing is common and on a positive note, is all fixable!

gentle approach

Chantal’s approach and techniques are gentle and do not involve cry it out methods.

Chantal’s approach and techniques are gentle and do not involve cry it out methods. Her easy to follow sleep methods will provide you with all the necessary skills you will need to improve your baby’s sleeping habits, and you will receive support every step of the way.

We will approach your situation holistically and examine ALL the factors that are impacting your child's ability not to sleep well. Once all the relevant elements have been addressed, we will then discuss options around teaching your baby to fall to sleep independently and implement a plan that is flexible and that can be adjusted as you learn how your baby adapts and responds.

Our effective alternate approach allows you to stay close, provide comfort and feel confident during the entire process.


Our comprehensive online consultation will cover:

Wherever you are in the world or if face to face is not an option, we have the ability to offer you a comprehensive online consultation! Online consultations include all the advantages of in-home consultations in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient for you.

Your consultation can be carried out via Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Teams, Zoom or by Mobile phone.

Please allow approximately 1 hour for the consultation.

During our consultation we will discuss your situation in detail, we will cover your child’s temperament, health, sleeping history, current situation, and challenges along with your parenting style, values, and philosophy.

What you will receive:


We will provide you with advice, knowledge, tips, and the strategies that you need to start addressing your child's sleep concerns THAT NIGHT!

Age-Appropriate Sleep

You will receive a personalised sleep guide relevant for your child’s age, which include ideal times for naps, milk feeds, solids, bedtime and if required overnight feeds.

Answer to all of your questions

You will get answers to ALL those questions you have regarding your child, along with providing additional advice and tips for daylight savings, travelling with your child and future regressions.

Follow up support

You will receive 4 weeks of personalised support via phone, txt, audio messages and email, where I will support, guide and encourage you through the process until you reach your sleeping goals.

1 month free access to our app

Also included, you will recieve 1 month free access to the App.

Topics we will discuss:

Advice on appropriate room environment to promote better sleeping

Demonstrations and advice on settling techniques to suit your baby and your parenting style

How to manage night waking’s and night feeding

How to prolong naps

How to establish a realistic routine

Introduction of solids and feeding plans

Nutrition advice on what to feed, how much and how often

How to Introduce the bottle

Advice and tactics for early rising

Dummy dependence & if/when to remove it

How to manage sickness, teething, and regressions

How to manage bedtime battles for toddlers

Do you have any questions?

If your still unsure and would like a chat prior to booking your consultation, send us an email and we will contact you shortly!

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Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Teams, Zoom or by Mobile phone

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Raksana Arify

Chantal has been nothing but amazing! She literally saved our life. My baby went from co sleeping to sleeping on his own in his crib which we thought was impossible to do. I highly recommend her and I will be recommending her to every mama I know, I just wish I had contacted her sooner.

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Kate O

Chantal was very supportive and patience with my thousand questions and constantly followed up on my progress throughout the program. She made me feel very comfortable raising my concerns and always came up with alternatives if things don’t go as planned. Thanks to Chantal, Now I just put my baby in cot awake and she would put herself to sleep, something I used to read from other’s review and never thought would happen to us! -

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Kimberly Vigil

Chantal truly works magic! We have consulted with her for both our girls. She gives clear steps and anticipates anything that could trip us up on our sleep training journey. Chantal makes herself available to conference even if she is a world away (we live in northeast US). Thank you for helping our whole family get a better night’s sleep!.

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