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In-Home Personalised Consultation

Suitable for Newborn to 4 Years of age

Chantal has successfully helped thousands of families sleep through the night since first launching in 2013. Over this time, she has experienced many different scenarios and will reassure you that what you are currently experiencing is common and on a positive note is all fixable!

We have Successfully helped thousands of parents change the way their families sleep

Chantal’s approach and techniques are gentle and do not involve cry it out methods. Her easy to follow sleep plans will provide you with all the necessary skills you will need to improve your baby’s sleeping habits, and you will receive support every step of the way.

Chantal will approach your situation holistically and examine ALL the factors that are impacting your child's ability to sleep. Once all the relevant elements have been addressed, we will then discuss options around teaching your baby to fall to sleep independently and implement a plan that is flexible and can be adjusted as you learn how your baby adapts and responds. 

Our effective alternate approach allows you to stay close, provide comfort and feel confident during the entire process.

Our comprehensive In-Home consultation will cover:
  • A consultation in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you and your family. Please allow 2-3 hours for this consultation to take place.
  • Where required and if timings permit, for babys under six months of age that need to be taught to self-soothe, we will aim to do some hands on settling. 
  • During our consultation we will discuss your situation in detail, we will cover your child’s temperament, health, sleeping history, current situation, and challenges along with your parenting style, values, and philosophy.

What you will receive:


We will provide you with advice, knowledge, tips, and the strategies that you need to start addressing your child's sleep concerns THAT NIGHT!


You will receive a personalised sleep guide relevant for your child’s age, which include ideal times for naps, milk feeds, solids, bedtime and if required overnight feeds.


You will get answers to ALL those questions you have regarding your child, along with providing additional advice and tips for daylight savings, travelling with your child and future regressions.


You will receive 4 weeks of personalised support via phone, txt, audio messages and email, where I will support, guide and encourage you through the process until you reach your sleeping goals.


Also included, you will recieve 3 months free access to the App.

Topics we will discuss:

  • Advice on appropriate room environment to promote better sleeping
  • Demonstrations and advice on settling techniques to suit your baby and your parenting style
  • How to manage night waking’s and night feeding
  • How to prolong naps
  • How to establish a realistic routine
  • Introduction of solids and feeding plans
  • Nutrition advice on what to feed, how much and how often
  • How to Introduce the bottle
  • Advice and tactics for early rising
  • Dummy dependence & if/when to remove it
  • How to manage sickness, teething, and regressions
  • How to manage bedtime battles for toddlers

In-Home Personalised Consultation - $340

(Gold Coast & Tweed Heads Area Only)

For further information or queries about a consultation, please feel free to contact Chantal via email by clicking this link.

See why families endorse our proven techniques!

Lucy Campion

Chantal provided us with so much support and a very effective plan for getting our little guy to nap better during the day and sleeping better at night. Chantal was so responsive to all of my questions and went above and beyond to help us. Chantal is amazing and i would highly recommend her.

Zadey Togo

Chantal's ongoing support is amazing, i never hesitated to messge her and she responds so quickly. Having Chantal on-board since my baby was 5 weeks old, was the best decision. Chantal's approach is gentle and reassuring , i would 100% recommend Baby Sleep Magic to everyone i know.

Breanna Ludmilla Petford

Chantal is beyond amazing ! We had trouble with our 9 month old sleeping since day one, she has been so amazing over the last month and a half since we started talking to her. She is alway there to help and constantly offering support and guidance, we are so grateful x

Michelle Thomas

I couldn't recommend Chantal enough. We have a beautiful boy but for 6 months he would not sleep, nap or go in the car without crying. The day Chantal arrived he transformed. He started sleeping, napping and eating better immediately. Within a few weeks he no longer cries in the car, takes 3-4 naps a day, no more catnaps, and sleeps from 10-12 hours a night with only 1 feed. Her caring and confident advice, techniques and continuous support is fantastic! We love being a mum and dad again and I can thank Chantal for that.

Lisa Field

I can’t thank Chantal enough for giving my family the gift of sleep. When I contacted Chantal my 11 month old had numerous sleep issues including fighting naps, fighting bedtime and multiple night wakings (sometimes for hours on end). I saw drastic/almost immediate improvements after Chantal helped me ensure all core foundations had been addressed, including, an age appropriate routine & nutrition. Chantal’s support is second to none and with her gentle & effective advice I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking help

Samantha Halliday

Chantal thank you so much you gave us such amazing support and guidance on this new journey. You have such a gentle approach and gave me amazing resourceful information to create new habits with the little man, which has created a happy and well rested baby/toddler. Thank you for your on going support, it has helped me keep on top of things but also allowed me ask questions as he grows and goes through new leaps etc. Highly Recommend Baby Sleep Magic to everyone x

Tammy Marshall

I can't thank Chantal enough for her help with my daughter Frankie. Sleepless nights felt like the new norm and a mountain to change. I didn't have the courage and strength to challenge this but with Chantals help and support and by following her steps we really did 'fix' everything. We now get 10/11 hours through the night!! Everything really is fixable! I would highly recommend any parents who are struggling to reach out here. Life changer! xxx

Yassy Frank

Chantal is absolute magic she is very realistic in her approach, fits in so well with our family. She is soo supportive after her visit and very personalised. I love her style and would highly recommend her! Appreciate all you have done for our family xx Yassy Jaxxy Freddy and frank

Charmaine Cassidy

Chantal was amazing she made me feel very comfortable to talk with and work with. As a first time mum I was feeling a bit overwhelmed about how to help my little boy sleep. Chantal gave me the information and confidence in what I needed to help my little boy sleep that worked for both me and him. Within a couple of days it was a HUGE difference. I now feel I have a lot more confidence and understanding to my babies needs and could not thanks Chantal enough for helping me and always being there for the support

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