1 Hour Online Consultation

1 Hour Online Consultation

Cost: $299

Each session goes for 1 hour

During a consultation we would discuss your situation in detail, answer any questions you have along with go into great detail about milk, food, nutrition, timings and more!

Chantal specialises in supporting families experiencing sleep difficulties with their little one. 

Chantal’s approach and techniques are all gentle and her easy to follow sleep plans will provide you with the necessary skills you need to improve your baby’s sleeping habits, and she will support you every step of the way.

Why use Chantal?

Sleep training is often wrongly interpreted as Cry It Out (CIO) this is an outdated method that I doubt anyone would recommend any more! CIO involves putting your baby to bed, leaving the room & leaving your baby or toddler to cry so much that they fall to sleep from exhaustion. 

That is NOT what sleep training is.

Believe it or not - In some cases sleep training may not even be required once all the core foundations (emotional wellbeing, nutrition, routine & environment) have been addressed!!

Chantal’s approach and techniques are SO much more than just ‘sleep training or as she likes to call it "sleep support"’. 

Chantal will approach your situation holistically and examine ALL the factors that are impacting your little one's ability to sleep well. 

Once all relevant elements have been addressed, she will then discuss options around teaching your baby to fall to sleep independently and implement a plan that is flexible and can be adjusted as you learn how your baby adapts and responds. 

Chantal uses effective alternate approaches that allow parents to stay close, provide comfort & feel confident during the entire process. 

Working on your little ones sleep issues doesn't mean breaking any bonds or attachments you have with your baby/child. 

When is the right time to sleep train? This is a decision that can only be reached by YOU, taking into consideration your baby/toddler’s personality, your situation, and your family. 

If your current situation is no longer working for you, then there is absolutely no shame in reaching out for support to improve your sleep - There is help out there and EVERYTHING is fixable!

This package is ideal for all children all ages. Newborn, infant & toddler. This consultation will take place in the comfort of your own home.

For children 6 months and under we will aim to do some hands settling with your baby.

Consultations Include:

  • An initial phone call to discuss your situation
  • 1 hour Skype/ phone call
  • Advice and tips on how to help your colicky baby
  • Age-appropriate sleep plan for your child
  • CONFIDENCE! You will get answers to ALL those questions you have regarding your little one’s sleep. You will also have all the knowledge you need to start addressing your child's sleep issue THAT DAY/NIGHT!
  • Four weeks personalised follow up support
  • A three month free subscription to The Baby Sleep Magic App

Along with discussing your current situation, we will also discuss the following:
  • Appropriate room environment
  • Sleeping and settling techniques 
  • How to manage night wakings & night feeding
  • How to prolong naps
  • Routine Establishment
  • Introduction of solids & feeding plans
  • FOOD: What to feed, how much & how often
  • Introduction of the bottle
  • Tactics for early rising
  • Dummy dependence & if/when to get rid of it
  • How to deal with sickness, teething & regressions
  • Bedtime battles for toddlers
  • Answer ALL your questions

1 Hor Online Consultantion

Cost: $299

Each session goes for 1 hour.

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